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Honestly this deserves 5 stars just for being 15 goddamn minutes long. 15 minutes of top quality content, at that.

Well, uh.... that happened.
I can't think of a time when boobs actually had a negative effect on something, but I guess this counts.
Nice animation like always, by the way. Keep up the good work, make your country pround.

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I liked this a lot. Like, a lot-a lot. I had never heard the song before, and now I'm glad I did, and your animation was superb to boot. I also found it to be quite relatable. Please make more animations like this.

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I never knew I wanted this until today. 10/10 GOTY

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The game isn't bad. I like the concept, but the use of memes is completely unnecessary, and detracts from the overall quality. The faces will probably result in you the artist/uploader looking back and wondering why you included them to begin with. It's simply a poor design choice. You could have gone with just the colors and it would have been just as good, if not better.

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Aaaaaand it just hit me this is an April Fool's joke.

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I could have sworn I was wearing pants before I played this. Excellent work!

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RichardBatchelor responds:

HAHA!!! this comment has made my day, thank you kind Sir :)

Mother of God....

Not only am I suffering from extreme nostalgia, but this song is so beautiful that I damn near cried, and that never happens. I salute you, shake your hand, bow, etc., etc.
Excellent work and a job well done.

VGSongbird responds:

Lol calm down. ^_^ A simple review is all I need.
Thanks so much for listening.

Awesome Sauce

I know not why, but this makes me think of Crash Bandicoot. Regardless, this song contains nothing but win.

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We're going to remodel your shit hole.

Good news, it still holds up four years later.

Today was Football Day, not baseball, you doofus. Sheesh, talk about making mistakes.

I draw a lot. I don't post it here but I still do it.

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